If you have a prom dress that you no longer need, don't let it hang in the back of your closet and gather dust for another day. Instead, donate it! 


Why Donate?

In today’s difficult economy, some young women come from budget-strapped families who have no money for the extras. Some are homeless or live in shelters, but despite their challenges are doing their best to educate themselves so they can have brighter futures. Silently, these young women long to enjoy a fun night out with their classmates, but lack access to the financial resources to make this possible. Time out from their daily struggles can make a world of difference to young women who, dream of living life, if only for a moment, outside of the rigors of their daily lives. In addition, you will be:

     Helping a great cause that benefits the community;

     Earning a tax deduction for the street value of your dress;

     Freeing up your closet for new dresses and accessories;

     Giving your dress "new life" to be worn at another spectacular event.


How to Donate?

Look through your closet and identify any formal dresses that you no longer need and donate one or more dresses so that a young woman, who otherwise wouldn't be able to, can attend her junior or senior prom. You can be a hero to a young woman who wants to experience the joy and excitement of attending her school prom.  We are also seeking donations of the following items: dress shoes, jewelry, accessories (shawls, hair wear, etc.) and purses.

Drop off these items:

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