Beauty Against Bullying (BAB) is a fashion production organization reshaping society’s “standard” of beauty through education and the arts; creating equality on a personal, community and global level. These charitable events are geared toward empowering bodies, regardless of their size, age, culture, gender or socio-economic status.  Proceeds are allocated for the funding of various projects that are designed to elevate those who have experienced various forms of bullying. Through the creation of meaningful partnerships, worldwide, the extended community of sisters and brothers participating in this initiative will serve as a powerful resource and force toward the eventual and total eradication of bullying.

Our vision is of a society where mentoring through the arts and beautification will serve as the foundation for the empowerment of all people at every stage of human development. BAB will inspire excellence and become a force for positive change by building and supporting unity through community outreach in an effort to help participants achieve and maximize their full potential. Stopping bullying across all sectors, until the battle to end this worldwide epidemic has been successfully won.